Prohibiting parking, according to the Court of Cassation, can be considered a criminal offense  Be careful, you will ruin your life for a parking space
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Often, beliefs develop in the collective imagination, as in an institution of great importance like the Court of Cassation, whose features are imagined as a peremptory and authoritarian giant.

Once upon a time there were those who defined it by studying the effectiveness of regulatory bodies and institutions Juggernaut: Specifically giants, titans It cannot be bypassedAnd who weighs and who impact It was somehow ultimate. This is not a mistake.

In fact when it comes court The Court of Cassation is defined as a true jurisprudential institution that has the ability to create, so to speak, health Operational, interpretive and decision making Laws By force.

Even in the road sector, it refers to everything that falls within the countless different regulations, or the various obligations, restrictions, rights and duties, Prohibitions And duty Which enters into the known Traffic Laws, there Veto He has a major role.

Whenever we find ourselves facing a state of doubt, anomaly, and regulatory and legislative hesitation, the… Court of Cassation It brings order, and points “the way,” literally: as it happens, for example, in Specific case.

Parking bans, what the Supreme Court imposes and what you risk

We are talking about a topic Do not stop, One of the most controversial, one of the most controversial and, in many cases, contested. For example, this happens when someone is in… garden When you encounter a particular context, such as a region private Or a Building courtyard. In these cases there is a risk that the matter may end in criminal proceedings.

That's right: according to the Court of Cassation, it is possible to arrive at a configuration A Criminal offense And risk damaging it life And the reputation For a trivial matter parking. But when does this happen? What clearly expressed itself among the numerous forms of anomalous and disputed parking lots was exactly the same Veto.

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Prohibiting parking, you end up with criminal charges

Did you know that if Park the car In front of a courtyard Buildings Or in front of a Private parking In order to obstruct the passage of the car so as not to Allow them to Enters And Exit, You risk a trial type criminal?

That's what she said supreme court, Specifically: which also explains how if you park your car in a very tight space next to another car, no Allow the owner himself to be able Enters from Driver's side At most, just as a passerby, one is exposed to the same danger, with potential Suit for invasion of privacy.


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