Die Berliner Spieler im Zweikampf mit einem Spieler des FC Barcelona. (Quelle: imago images/Agencia EFE)

Alpha Berlin players are looking forward to the Euroleague kick-off at FC Barcelona – it was an instructional evening in Spain. The Catalans clearly won and defeated the Berliners, especially in the early stages.

There is no other way. No sports team wants to hear this word. After the Euroleague start to FC Barcelona, ​​Alpha Berlin players must understand the fact that this adjective 64:96 applies exactly to the defeat of the Catalans. FC Barcelona have surprisingly proved that they have a serious opinion on awarding the title in the first class of European basketball. In the second half, the hosts avoided their regular staff so that Alpha could gain confidence for the tasks ahead. Among the Berliners Luke Sigma with 16 points and Maoto Lo with 12 points showed impressive performance.

The Berlin Albatross had no time to indulge in the atmosphere of Barcelona. The hosts immediately set the pace. After all, Barca’s power forward Nicola Myrotic, a former NBA player, has repeatedly pushed Berlin’s defense to its limits. Myrotic scored nine points in the first quarter alone, when the hosts were able to prove their strength under the basket. Alpha trailed 13 points in the second quarter (28:15).

And it still hasn’t gotten better. Barcelona allowed the ball to go, hit important throws – and if the ball did not go into the basket, the Catalans recovered. The half hour was at 50:29, during which Alpha coach Israel Gonzalez said on the microphone of the magenta station “Magenta Sport”: “We must not lose our positive attitude now.” That, too, marks this evening to some extent.

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It was expected before the game that Alba would not be able to pursue one of the best teams in Europe. Selling themselves passionately, that is the purpose of albatross. They fully achieved this in the third quarter. Sure, FC Barcelona left their best players on the bench, but the Berliners took advantage of it. First and foremost Luke Sigma and Maoto Lo always excelled by good deeds and progressed into excellent point collectors. Alpha won the third quarter with 17:13.

In the end, it was not enough to catch up, because Barcelona developed the desire to play again. But what can Alpha Berlin take from this game: to win a quarter against FC Barcelona – not every team can do it this season. 64:96 Albatrosses should not be involved in failure. On Sunday, the alpha basketball game will continue against the phone at the Bundesliga.

Broadcast: rbb24, October 1, 2021, 10:45 p.m.


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