The company has recognized the work of its suppliers in favor of the continuity of its high standards of quality and service to its customers.

through the award Cummins Supplier AwardThe company honored 11 business partners for their optimum performance in eight different categories.

For the fourth year in a row, Cummins has awarded this award to those who have distinguished themselves for their work among more than 300 direct and indirect suppliers in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

The winners received the highest ratings from the Cummins procurement team, following the guidelines of a global standard format that identifies the most important variables for each category.

“This honor seeks to thank the incredible work and professionalism that our suppliers provide us with. Thanks to his dedication, we have been able to overcome current challenges, provide the right solutions to our customers and exceed their expectations. Their work, without a doubt, allows We have maintained the high levels of quality and service that have distinguished us for over 100 years.

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The categories this year were: Best QualityAnd Safety, Diversity Leadership, Delivery Performance, Excellence in New Product Development Support, Excellence in Customer Support, Corporate Responsibility and Supplier of the Year.

The winner of the Best Quality Award was for demonstrating and promoting the Zero Faults culture throughout their organization Burgwarner (SEC factory). On the other hand, in the safety category, oxidation For its excellent control over risk prevention and detection.

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Diversified leadership class, divided into direct and indirect suppliers, was dedicated CEFI s POTOCLEAN SA De CV, who were the greatest foundations. Meanwhile, the company’s delivery performance department Oechsler Mexico For its remarkable performance and coordination with factories.

Excellence in support of new product development aligns with the Mexican company International Biography of Minerals in Mexico

On the other hand, the Customer Support Excellence Award winners were Peterson Spring s Edmundo Delgadillo, who have consistently distinguished themselves by providing an excellent level of service in line with the needs and challenges of the Cummins Mexico business.

For Cummins, having a positive impact on the communities in which it is located is one of its most relevant pillars, so the award in the Corporate Responsibility section went to RepsaIt has made a significant impact on the community through sustainable projects and activities that benefit the population.

The winners in the Supplier of the Year category were Autoelectric of America Inc. s Hermes Construction & Design, who consistently provided service in line with needs and challenges company.

“Creating synergies that help us maintain our business continuity is vital, and for this reason, we seek to surround ourselves with suppliers who understand the needs of a changing world. Our mission is to provide solutions for a world that never stops, which is why having partners who share our spirit is essential,” he stated Board of Directors.

Through this type of work, Cummins affirms its commitment to value its business partners, as well as its customer-centric vision, the mission of having the most efficient team in favor of the best service to its users.

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