Sarkozy was sentenced in France to three years in prison

Former President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy He was sentenced on the day of appeal in Paris to three years in prison, one of which he is serving under arrest, For corruption and influence trading in the objection case. This is an unprecedented punishment for a former president. His longtime lawyer Thierry Herzog and former investigative judge Gilbert Azibert received the same sentences.

More trouble for Sarkozy when he returns to court: “illegal financing of the 2012 campaign”

Written by our correspondent Anis Ginoury

The ex-president, who was also sentenced in the first instance to 3 years in prison but all on probation, will appeal to the Supreme Court. If the verdict is upheld on appeal, Sarkozy will spend the year in prison with the electronic bracelet.

Sarkozy, 68, has always declared his innocence in this scandal, in which he was accused and convicted of corruption and influence smuggling. For him, the court also ruled a 3-year ban on civil rights, and thus the impossibility of running for political office. Attorney Herzog may also be banned from practicing the profession for a period of 3 years. The court of first instance issued the same sentence.

Perino: For Sarkozy, the referee is a heavy blow, and his return to the Elysee is far away. But Mitterrand succeeded in the end, too.

Written by our correspondent Anis Ginoury

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Sarkozy was found guilty of undertaking, in 2014 through lawyer Herzog, to support the candidacy of Azibert for a prestigious post in the Principality of Monaco (which the judge never obtained, Mr. Dr) in exchange for secret interventions and communications regarding a case under cassation hearing. “I am a former President of the Republic – Sarkozy said before the court in the first instance – I have never corrupted anyone and we must add then that it would be a very strange corruption, without money, not even a single cent for anyone, without advantages, no one fell, no casualties, no wounded.”

France and Sarkozy in the dock: the corruption trial of the former president has been suspended until Thursday

Written by our correspondent Anis Ginoury


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