Why is Biden escalating tensions between the United States and Russia?


In line with the promises made by President Biden during the presidential campaign, the Biden administration is pursuing an aggressive foreign policy towards Russia.

In an interview Good Morning America On March 18, Biden publicly stated that he believed Putin was one “Killer” And Russia “To pay the price” If his involvement in the 2020 US elections is proven. A U.S. intelligence service with a historically complex role in the origin of these allegations. Thus, the “intelligence” that turned out to be false about the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq emerged and acted as a justification for US military intervention in the war. Soil for Iraq imperial purposes.

The leader of the Democrats, who finds every opportunity to criticize Russia, is nothing new. But the fact that the president of a country with the largest nuclear weapons chooses to insult and publicly threaten the head of state with the second largest nuclear arsenal stands against the usual official communications, usually very soft, between the major powers.

The growing tensions between Russia and the United States and Biden’s attack must be analyzed in light of the challenge facing the two superpowers in the health and economic crisis. Thus the international geopolitical situation is plagued by global epidemics and national and international crises, which have changed the positions of the two countries on the world stage.

2020 U.S. Election Report

The US intelligence report concludes that Russia and Vladimir Putin have established “Measures to reduce the candidacy of President Biden and the Democrats to support former President Trump, shake public confidence in the electoral process and increase socio-political divisions in the United States.”.

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Biden’s attack on Russia, while at the same time allowing the United States to reassert itself as a leading imperialist power, helps to disguise a different reality. No foreign leader is the reason why Americans have lost faith in their electoral process. This is not from Russian influence – as the report and the bourgeois media claim – but from the apparent contradictions of capitalism.

In 2020, the working class in the United States was wiped out by the COVID-19 epidemic and abandoned by two major political parties. Trump lied about the severity of the virus and used the National Guard to thwart the Black Lives Matter movement, which did not prevent him from getting more than 7 million votes in 2016. If Biden wins a narrow victory, the election will indeed be a serious challenge to the neo-liberal policies pursued by the Democrats for a number of years, and Biden is committed to an anti-Trump vote rather than genuine support for his election.

Of course, Biden would never recognize these failures of the bourgeoisie, because it was the bourgeoisie that helped Trump advance further by attracting 131 billion donors to his campaign, when Trump only attracted 99. , Biden now blames foreign actors for undermining US stability, above all on Russia and Putin.

Struggles in Russia

On the other hand, Putin is facing turmoil in the domestic arena, and the arrest of Alexei Navalny, Russia’s top opposition, sparked protests in January last year. Of the 200 cities in the country, the United States was the quickest to show its support “Military reaction”.

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The Biden administration used Nivalny’s arrest to establish itself as a strong supporter of democracy in Russia. In order to promote his more interventionist views on foreign policy, Secretary of State Blinken resumed the usual “pro-democratic” attire of US imperialism, acting as the Obama administration’s foreign policy adviser in line with the policy he led. In the past, Blingen’s support for democracy has provoked chaos and instability in Syria and Libya.

While it is not a question of turning a blind eye to the violent repression of the political opposition under Putin’s regime, we should not misunderstand the reasons for pushing Fidel officially and aggressively to support Navalny, because it is once again a question of defending US imperialist interests. So obviously, Navalny’s far-right nationalist views, such as the US government’s friendship with dictatorial leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu, Narendra Modi or Mohammed bin Salman, went unnoticed.

Splits in Russian influence and vaccine diplomacy:

Another driver of the Biden administration’s offensive stance on Russia is the collapse of US global hegemony. In recent years, Russia has used the remaining space in areas where the United States has failed to maintain its influence by pursuing ambitious imperialist policies. However, Russia also faced difficulties. Recently, Russia had to deal with the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, which went to war with its two allies, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The global epidemic has exacerbated geopolitical tensions, and has provided an opportunity for Russia to use its influence in areas where US influence is now weak. This war of influence revolved around the issue of vaccines. Russia created its own Spotnik-V as the United States and other rich nations amassed them: Pfizer / Bioendech and Moderna.

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Russia’s ability to provide vaccines to other countries is a real political and economic issue. Diplomatically, the inability of the United States to provide vaccines to the world due to patent laws and the privatization of the health sector has given Russia a prominent place on the world stage. The Russian vaccine also received the approval of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who announced her support for European production of the vaccine.

Politically, Moscow’s vaccination strategy could “strengthen Russia’s alliance with the United States in the open war, especially with Iran, Venezuela and other countries involved in the war with China.”

Fighting Biden’s imperialist threat

Within 100 days, the Biden administration had already proved that imperial policy was an essential aspect of its foreign policy. As the ruling class in the United States seeks to regain its dominance and international influence in the wake of its hegemonic decline, we can expect intermittent instability that continues to threaten the international working class, especially its working class, and the oppressed nations.

It is therefore necessary to organize against the policies of US imperialism. This protest must be made without supporting Putin’s dictatorial and bourgeois rule, but by allying with workers across the border to defend our interests against the bourgeoisie and to overthrow imperialism. American.


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