For many, working in Switzerland can truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity: a prospect that needs to be analyzed.

there Swiss It is undoubtedly one of the countries that have been in the spotlight in the recent period. This is because in recent years there has been a real boom from the economic, financial, social and infrastructure point of view.

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In short, modernity has truly become at home. To say it is the same IMF, under which per capita income The average Swiss hovers around 83,000 dollars. The numbers show that we are talking about one of the richest countries with the highest purchasing power. It is for this reason that many began to look beyond the Alps, and also consider some opportunities from a business point of view.

question, also taking into account What is happening in Italy. It can only be one: but Is it really worth working in Switzerland? To answer this question, it is necessary to analyze a series of situations and questions that are worth investigating. It cannot be otherwise. So, all that remains is to define and detail.

Work in Switzerland, what to do

Undoubtedly, the proximity makes it very attractive and fascinating. Then we should say and remember that in Switzerland there are companies like Nestle, Roche, Zurich Insurance Group, UPS, Credit Suisse, Givaudan and many others. In short, it is certainly not surprising that everything is seen as an important opportunity. Among the important data to analyze is that of wages. It is enough just to refer to the data of the Federal Statistical Office, Bundesamt fur Statistik – BFS. The latter actually shows how an employee can reach the average wage equals a total of 6,665 Swiss francs per month, for a total of approximately 78 thousand euros per year. Therefore, the figures are very important and not trivial.

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It deserves special attention too Unemployment issue. While you are in Italy, especially at the youth level, TheThe situation is becoming more and more worryingAnd the The average territory for the three cantons is among the lowest in Europe. The only real downside is the cost of living. The latter is actually much higher. However, according to what was said before, the resources seem to be quite suitable to cover all this. The ability lies in knowing how to manage it. In short, Switzerland can truly be for many the opportunity of a lifetime they have been waiting for for a long time. All that remains is to try to catch it, because some trains can only pass once.


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