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The first list of finalists for the most prestigious French literary prize has slipped. The book includes recognized authors such as Christine Angot, Agnes Dezarth or Sorge Chalandon and some surprises.

Gathered again at Drouant’s Restaurant, under Didier DeQuinn, the jury of the Académie Goncourt selected sixteen favorite authors for this literary season. On the publishing house side, Grasset does well with three “nominations” (Anne Berest, Sorj Chalandon and Patrice Franceschi), then Gallimard with two potential winners (Lilia Hassaine, François Noudelmann). The jury has been interested in tiny homes like Mialet-Barrault, which is celebrating its two-year anniversary! Sabine Wespieser, Philippe Rey and L’Observatoire are represented as much as Le Seuil, l’Olivier, Flammarion or Minuit. Note, however, the lack of Actes Sud editions, as four of its authors have received the award since 2004.

We note that this selection includes confirmed authors (Christine Angot, Chalandon, Jinada, Tanguy Vale, Louis-Philippe d’Alembert, Anis Deszareth…) as well as discoveries (Muhammad Mbogar Sarr, Lilia Hussein, Elsa Fotorino, Abel Quentin…).

Some, like Sorge Chalandon, already have an impressive list of fall awards: the Médicis in 2006, the Grand Prix du roman de l’Académie française in 2011, the Goncourt des lycéens in 2013. David Diop has already won the Goncourt des lycéens in 2018 And the Man Booker International Prize last year. These two will not compete for the Goncourt High School. Jenada is already the winner of the Femina award she received in 2017.

Finally, parity is roughly respected with seven women and nine men.

The second selection will be revealed on October 5, 2021, then they will be only eight; The third selection of four finalists will be announced on October 26; The famous award will be announced at Drouant’s on November 3.

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The Prix Goncourt rules do not allow for the finer details of other juries who can choose a winner apart from the finalists, Goncourt 2021 is necessarily among them. Just as the descriptor Goncourt for high school students will also be exited from this list – the youth selects the winner from this first selection.

So who will succeed Hervé Le Tellier, the 2020 winner with anomaly A novel published by Gallimard one of the best-selling novels in the history of Goncourt?

Kristen Angot Journey to the East Flamarion

Ann Burst, Postcard, Grass

Sorge Chalandon, bastard son Grass

Louis-Philippe Dalembert, milwaukee blues, Sabine Wesbesser

Agnes Desarthy, Eternal Groom, Olive Tree

David Diop, Journey of no return threshold

Clara Dupont Monod, S’adapter, Money bills

Elsa Futorino, Spoke quietly Mercure from France

Patrice Franceschi, If only one remains, Grass

Lilia Hassaine, bitter sun Gallimard

Philip Genada In the spring of monsters Miles Parault

Francois Nudelman cadillac sons, Gallimard

Maria Burchett, shooting, Fayard

Abel Quentin Behind me etamps, observatory

Muhammad Mabogar Sarr, The most secret memories of men, Philip Rig

Tangy a lot, The girl we call Midnight Editions


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