On November 12, 2021, Aurélie Pons spoke about her relationship with Adrien Caby, her dancer in Dance with the Stars. The two artists have forged a real bond.

Since the beginning of the eleventh season of dance with the starsAnd Aurélie Pons has seen real progress. Her dancing improved. Week after week, the actress who heads the series broadcast on TF1 channel, Here it all beginsIt was revealed more and more. She spoke privately about her past as a model on November 5th. The girl who was Miss Vaucluse in 2018 and then Miss Provence 2019 used this experience that left her with bad memories. I’ve already had this experience. For example, I did a little modeling and it was years when it was really complicated for me. I have been greatly underestimated. Finally, today is also vengeance.Aurelie Pons captured.

Aurelie Pons praises her dancer

On November 12, 2021, it’s time for the Aurelie Pons dancer to complete. The actress thanked him for accompanying her with all kindness and patience since the beginning of the adventure. “If you go too far on the adventure, it’s thanks to you, to the fact that you always push me to do better. It’s also thanks to your passion. It shows that you are an emotional person and that you convey it well. It is true that in the south, We are really in our bubbleBecause we are not with others. So we live our adventure, moments by 200%”, She announced in front of the dancer Adrian. Then the young man described how training conditions tied them together. “Either we’re together, or Aurélie is filming (for the sake of which it all begins in the series, editor’s note). We meet in the evening to practice. The little time we have for reservations, we spend together“.

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A reconciliation confirmed by Aurélie Pons: “I find we have an increasingly strong bond Because all these dances, all these moments in common, it’s so emotional.”. An emotion that reached its climax the week that Aurelie Pons lost her father. “During the adventure, I lost my father, and thus inevitably brings people together. You have been a great support to me. You didn’t leave me.” A scratch testimonial that must have gone straight to the dancer’s heart.


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