Amancio Ortega hands over the reins of Zara to his daughter

Denial – In April, Marta Ortega, the founder’s daughter, will take over the Inditex Group, an empire with 144,000 employees.

“Revolution”: This is what the Spanish newspaper says He carried his address Tuesday morning in an alert informing him of the succession at the head of the Inditex group. Ironically, it seems, that the Spanish textile empire so patiently built by Father Amancio Ortega, bequeathed in a more peaceful manner to the daughter, Marta Ortega, at the end of what looks like a regency. , Ten years for Pablo presidency of the island. All by mutual agreement between the three main parties involved.

But for connoisseurs of the group, owners in particular of the Zara, Oysho or Massimo Dutti brands, the passage of the wand was not so clear. As much as the change in general manager position (Carlos Crespo replaced by Oscar Garcia Maceiras) was expected, as far as Marta Ortega’s rise and Isla’s departure, in four months and we don’t know which position or even which company, they are surprises. 37-year-old Marta Ortega receives a parcel from 6,758 stores from her father

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