United State. – BMWFoot iX streamA car that can change its exterior color with the push of a button during a technical event in Las Vegas, United States.

The German car company showed a demonstration video, “In the future, BMW customers will be able to change the color of their vehicle with the push of a button… We are taking personalization to new levels,” said Strella Clark, BMW iX Flow Project Leader.

Clark explained that this technology can benefit its users in a number of ways. For example, if someone lost their car in a parking lot, you might flash it to make it easier to locate it.

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By changing the color we can change the reflection of sunlight and thus change the thermal properties of the car.”

A representative of the German company confirmed that with the BMW iX Flow, they will have “Digital Soul”company characteristics, “It’s new. It’s never been done before. It’s unexpected. It’s magic.”

Photo: special

In the company statement published on the event’s official website, they noted that it is a human-centered digital innovation that includes “A preview of the future.” They also assert that it is a “cinematic experience in a sophisticated car.”

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