Elon Musk makes five predictions for the future;

While Bill Gates has already issued warnings about a “future pandemic”, Elon Musk As did the five Forecasts about him future.

The first predictions about future The world revolves around psychotropic substances. Elon Musk He says that as new generations come to power in politics, the acceptance of psychotropic substances will begin.

Elon Musk also warns in his predictions that when the demand for the electric vehicle “explodes”, there could be extreme energy demand, and the electric grid is not ready for that future.

If we change all existing modes of transportation to electricity, the demand (for electricity) will double

Elon Musk

More Elon Musk predictions about the future

Talking about human-like robots, he said that they would not only arrive, but that they would be like us, on two feet, and also in other ways, more intelligent and communicative with each other. He even said he hadn’t built it before because he didn’t want to speed up The end of the world for artificial intelligence, but “obviously they will arrive.”

digital currencies. The billionaire says, according to El Confidencial, that their progress may become slow, but that controlling them is practically impossible no matter how hard governments and authorities try.

For Musk, neither the latter nor the banks should control the funds, as they can modify its database According to their convenience and interests that have nothing to do with the population.

Starlink to save the poorest people in the future?

Starlink. The so-called “richest man in the world” said that his satellite network would change the world in a good way, as it would have an impact on the “least served”, such as people living in rural and remote areas, and over time. It will have little cost.

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