Dans le cadre de sa programmation d’été, la ville de Calais a commandé ces quinze feux d’artifice surprise. PHOTO ARCHIVES Johan BEN AZZOUZ

These lines answer a powerful question you may have after 11 PM this Sunday. At the same time, to the four corners of the city (finally to the fifteen corners), Twelve-minute fireworks will be launched by fifteen teams of fireworks. Filming areas will be closed to the public.

Why didn’t you call before noon on Sunday?

« When we broadcast the Summer Celebrations program (in May), We had planned not to give information about these fires, due to the uncertain health status and doubts about the possibility or not to gather people. This speech, which took place at the beginning of the week, makes the posting of a message on the Facebook page of the city of Calais incomprehensible. Posted at about 5 pm, he announced these fires to residents…

However, holding festivities in July around the opening of the renovated beach, with the Dragon de Calais shows attracting thousands of people, is a counterexample of this prudent politics. But July is not August, and since then, the implementation of the Health Permit seems to prove that choice in discretion. These sudden fireworks have already happened Last summer and during the Christmas holidays.

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