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The news was published by the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Independent Advertisement handles Vitaly KimGovernor of the Ukrainian Mykolaiv Territory. According to Kim, the command of the Russian army was to leave Cherson to move to the opposite bank of the Dnipro, the river that runs next to the Ukrainian city. If the news is confirmed, it will have symbolic significance: Cherson was first city It was occupied by the Russians and in recent days the Ukrainian army began a series of military operations to retake the city. At the end of July, Kyiv forces destroyed the Cherson Bridge to cut off Russian communications routes, and the work was claimed also from Mikhailo PodolyakAdviser Volodymyr Zelensky: The occupiers must learn to swim across the Dnipro, or they must leave Cherson while it is still possible. There may not be a third warning. For the Russians, that would also be a serious blow from the point of view strategic. The entire forces were I moved from the Donbass region, As Maska occupies those lands obtained after months of battles, she was preparing for a possible large-scale confrontation. Hypothesis, as narrated The Wall Street Journal, was not at all part of the Ukrainian plans. Chancellor Podolak had ruled out a frontal attack, and had already confirmed his intention to move forward.”A thousand bee stings“.

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