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Tornado USA, archive photo
Tornado USA, archive photo

A very long storm line crosses part of the eastern central states of the USA, the length of which is more than 1500 km, Stretched from the Great Lakes to Louisiana toward the Texas border. It is driven by a low pressure area centered between Minnesota and Wisconsin, fed by the collision between cold air descending from cold Canadian lands and warmer air drawn along the right edge, rising from southern latitudes.

Strong thunderstorms develop along the line where the two air masses collide with opposite thermal properties, affecting the Midwest and south Mississippi, Alabama and Louisianaalso accompanied by some hurricanes. Previously devastating hurricanes passed through the westernmost states, First of all Kansas and NebraskaOn Friday, they reached exceptional severity, causing destruction and even injuries, and razing some suburbs to the ground. It’s impressive what hit Andover, Kansas, rated EF3.

The front in question is scheduled to move further east, so much so that in the day And on Monday, it will arrive in the states bordering the East Coast Resulting in heavy rain and thunderstorms to coastal areas. You must be in the budget Other hurricanes along their way, Especially in the interior of Virginia, Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Another well-organized storm front awaits Tuesday can engage the Midwest Violent phenomena and other hurricanes.

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