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6:19 a minute ago

3º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6 6-1 7-6 Daniel Altmaier)

Perfect tie-breaker for Zverev who ceded just one point to close the match

6:10 10 minutes ago

3º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6 6-1 6-6 Daniel Altmaier)

Altmaier saves four breaks and decides the third set, as happened in the first game in the tiebreak.

5:58 22 minutes ago

3º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6 6-1 5-5 Daniel Altmaier)

Both tennis players continue to win their matches with serve to their favour

5:50 30 minutes ago

3º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6 6-1 4-4 Daniel Altmaier)

Daniel was able to match the 0-40 that Zverev started with, but the final number broke the first half to put par in this third set

5:38 42 minutes ago

3º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6 6-1 2-4 Daniel Altmaier)

Altmaier breaks at her first break point and then saves a break point to top the third set

5:28 an hour ago

3º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6 6-1 2-2 Daniel Altmaier)

Blank second match for Zverev, while Altmaier continues to hold out as best he can

5:20 hours ago

3º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6, 6-1 1-1 Daniel Altmaier)

Alexander Zverev starts Group C by winning the first match without goals

5:11 an hour ago

2º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6, 6-1 Daniel Altmaier)

4:48 2 hours ago

2º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6, 2-0 Daniel Altmaier)

Alexaner Zverev starts this second set by breaking serve and is close to winning the match

4:45 2 hours ago

1º Group (Alexander Zverev 7-6 Daniel Altmaier)

4:38 2 hours ago

1º Group (Alexander Zverev 6-6 Daniel Altmaier)

The first set of the match will be decided in the tiebreak

4:30 2 hours ago

1º Group (Alexander Zverev 5-5 Daniel Altmaier)

The number three ATP had three set pieces and three break balls, but Altmaier could have saved them

4:28 2 hours ago

Alexander Zverev shouted

4:24 2 hours ago

1º Group (Alexander Zverev 4-4 Daniel Altmaier

The first set continues to be tied, but none of them get a break ball

3:58 2 hours ago

1º Group (Alexander Zverev 2-2 Daniel Altmaier

Both win the match but with difficulties.

3:46 3 hours ago

1º group (Alexander Zverev 1-1 Daniel Al)

Both win their first serve with a match to their advantage

3:40 3 hours ago

Players are already on the track

Zverev will be responsible for directing

3:30 3 hours ago

Who will be the winner’s contender between Zverev and Altmaier?

Who will win this match will face the winner of the match between Feliciano Lopez and Millman, at the moment the American is leading 2-0.

3:24 3 hours ago

Daniel Altmir’s experience against top 10 competitors

The last time it happened was at the 2020 French Open where he beat Berentini, at that time the tennis player was No. 8 in the ATP.

3:20 3 hours ago

ATP . classification

Alexander Zverev is No. 3 in the ATP while Daniel Altmir is No. 87

3:19 3 hours ago

German duel

German tennis players Zverev and Altmaier will meet in the first round of the Australian Open

2:35 4 hours ago

1 hour

Within an hour Zverev and Altmaier will meet, both the preview and the match can be followed here on VAVEL

16:31 14 hours ago

How do you watch Alexander Zverev and Daniel Altmir at the Australian Open?

16:26 14 hours ago

When is Alexander Zverev and Daniel Altmir match in the Australian Open 2022?

16:21 14 hours ago

Summary of the match in which Daniel Altmir was declared champion in Mexico

16:16 14 hours ago

Medvedev and Zverev if they win can take the number one from Novak Djokovic

16:11 14 hours ago

How did Daniel Altmir arrive?

Daniel Altemer concluded the year by winning the Puerto Vallarta Championship in Mexico. The year began at the Adelaide ATP, where he was defeated in the round of 16 by Montero 6-2, 3-6, 7-6. In the ATP qualifying stage, Sydney won the first match against Pervolarankis, while losing to Bayes in the last game of the qualifying stage. Despite this, he played at the Sydney ATP and in the 13th round was eliminated by Fognini 6-3, 7-5.

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16:06 14 hours ago

How did Alexander Zverev arrive?

The German tennis player ended the year 2021 by winning the ATP Finals held in Turin, Italy. He’s already played his first three matches this year after playing in the ATP Cup, beating Nouri and Fritz, both twice to no avail. However, Canadian Auger Aliassime overtook him in the third match of the singles, causing Germany to lose to the semi-finals.

16:01 14 hours ago


This duel between Alexander Zverev and Daniel Altmir will be their first confrontation, and the two young nationals will face each other for the first time at the Australian Open.

15:56 14 hours ago


The match will take place at Rod Louvre Arena, a tennis court located in Melbourne. It was opened in 1988 and seats 14,820 spectators.

15:51 14 hours ago

Match preview

Compatiiotras Alexander Zverev and Daniel Altmier will face each other in the first round of the Australian Open, with both seeking to reach the 32nd round.

15:46 15 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL.COM’s live coverage of Alexander Zverev vs. Daniel Altmir at the Australian Open

My name is Manuel Carmona Hidalgo and I will be your host for this match. We’ll bring you pre-match analysis and news right here from VAVEL.


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