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The third edition of Premios Tu Música Urbano (PTMU) began in style with the introduction of singer Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, known artistically as Farruko.

After introducing the urban artist, he won the “Top Christian/Spiritual Song” award for his song “Thanks” with Pedro Capó.

Arriving to pick up the statuette, Farruko knelt on the steps of the podium, apparently crying and thanking God.

“First of all, all the glory belongs to God, this award is his, it is for me the most special award in my career, because after such great success as “Pepas” and traveling around the world and it was so easy to reach many places with a song that maybe convey joy and make you All dancing and having fun, but maybe she didn’t have the best message, and today to be able to get up when all fingers pointed I went crazy when I made up with him Lord, and gave everything for rubbish to follow … I received so many criticisms, I thought that The world will fall on me, but I carried my cross with joy and I still carry it, ”said the singer immediately upon receiving the award.

In turn, he dedicates the award to all Christian music artists because he noted that it is “difficult to carry the message” because they are not of the “popular” type.

Later, Dominican singer El Alfa performed the show

bad bunny He leads the nominations with 12, followed by his compatriot Raw Alejandro con 11, J Balvin with 10 and Carol J With 9. None of the top candidates are expected.

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The day includes presentations by Farruko, Víctor Manuelle, Miky Woodz, Jay Wheeler, Ivy Queen, CNCO, Casper Mágico, Nio García, Blessed, Christian Nodal, El Gemelo, Feid, Lenny Tavárez, Lunay, Manuel Turizo, María Becerra, N’ Klabe, Ovi, Piso 21, Sofía Reyes, VF7, Zion & Lennox, among others.

At the event, led by Puerto Rican Zuleca Rivera with Mexican Omar Chaparro and Colombian Carmen Villalobos, Farruco and Victor Manuel will receive special honours. The first will receive a dedication award “dedicated to those who have championed their music, elevated the genre to a higher level and who represent the pure definition of urban movement.” While Sonero de la Juventud will receive the Contribution Award, “awarded to those artists of other musical styles who have not been afraid to experience what urban sounds have to offer and have opened the doors for them”.

While the group of award presenters includes Adamari Lopez, Alicia Machado, Alex Aspe, Andrea Meza, Carlos Adean, Chesca, Dalex, DJ Luyan, Elva, Frederic Oldenburg, Maria Angelique, Mariana Swan, Ninel Conde, Pedro Capo, and others.

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