Harry Styles sorprendió con disfraz de Dorothy (AFP).

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Harry Styles continues to break gender stereotypes, and this time he surprised his fans who gathered in Madison Square Garden, after appearing disguised as Dorothy from the classic movie wizard of oz As part of a masquerade party called “Harrywin“.

The former One Direction member wore sneakers, red socks, white shorts, and a cropped T-shirt with a collar and bow on his head, as well as glowing cheeks to sing a hoodie with. somewhere over the rainbowThe song sung by Judy Garland in the 1939 movie.

wizard of oz It is a music tape featuring performances by Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, and others. The film’s music and lyrics were composed by Harold Arlen and EY ‘Yip’ Harburg, Academy Award winners for Best Original Score and Best Original Song, specifically for Harry’s theme: “Over the Rainbow.”.

Dragree with NME, Harry organized the event called “Harwin’s Masquerade Ball”, United Nations The ceremony in which the participation of the musicians as . was announced Orville Beck and Madison Cunningham. In addition, the Briton shared via Instagram a photo in which he wears the outfit in a background referring to the film.

Harry is in the middle of his US tour love on tourIt is a series of presentations that it contains Jenny Lewis as a major shareholder.

Author of topics like watermelon sugar Continue to give what we’re talking about, after It will be reported that he will appear in the new Marvel movie, eternity, like Eros (Starfox), the younger brother of Thanos he remembers.

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And most recently, the South Korean member of BTS, Jungkook, cover the song drop Harry Styles, with 13.7 million hits, and why she was I started To think of a collaboration between him and the former One Direction.



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