Sunak in Belfast after the Northern Ireland-Europe Agreement

For now, the feared revolt by majority Tory hawks against the revision agreement to the disputed post-Brexit protocol on Northern Ireland appears to have ‘dissolved’ into something fringe – as the Daily Mail also admits among Britain’s more populist right – The wing papers were formalized yesterday with great pomp by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen within the so-called ‘Windsor Framework’. Encouraged by the eventual positive reception to the outcome of the negotiations gathered after months of tensions – other than some lingering controversy over the role assigned to King Charles III on the sidelines of the summit – Sunak moved to Belfast today to open dialogue with the parties and the various parties. local communal communities; It intends to try to make this transition the basis for overcoming the inertia in Northern Ireland’s institutions. Speaking to the BBC upon his arrival, he insisted that protocol adjustments could make a “positive difference” to all Ulster factions. Starting with the serious trade unionists of the dub, who have so far stalled on an agreement that leaves, according to them, some doubts open but that contains “progress”, without rejecting it in advance.

the “Congratulations to Rishi Sunak and Ursula von der LeyenFor the agreement reached, they came from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. “I welcome – he wrote on Twitter – the agreement reached in Windsor between the European Union and Great Britain to improve the functioning of the Northern Ireland Protocol. A positive development to further strengthen our relations with Great Britain, a friendly country, ally and partner”.

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London Sonak von der Leyen meeting to agree on the ‘Northern Ireland Protocol’

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