Omicron, Johnson (in trouble with the Conservative Party) at the moment does not take new measures in the UK but admits:

In difficulty due to opposition conservatives To new measures and due to photos with nearly 20 people, including wine and cheese, during the first lockdown, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson booth in front of varante Omicron And it makes a decision not to adopt new immediate restrictions against the Covid model closure in United kingdom. But the government intends to back down ‘continuous control’ Data on variable impulse “hour by hour”.

At the end of the summit dedicated to the Council of Ministers, which seemed able to launch measures to slow the race of infection in England with More than 90 thousand cases Every 24 hours for several days, however, the Prime Minister admitted that the situation is so “Very difficult” with increase in hospitals Particularly highlighted a London. So he advised the British to be careful, and once again encouraged them to do so take the vaccineAnd he stressed that the government “reserves itself the right to take further measures,” adding that “there are still some elements to be clarified.”

They were at Johnson’s table Three options Submitted by team Scientific advisors for the government. least likely invite families who are not legally bound to avoid i Contacts that they gatherings In private homes. We didn’t go any further, despite the frightening curve of the pandemic in the past few days. It is a possibility that has been raised by various sources, given that the Prime Minister has already ruled out an invitation Parliament before Christmas.

Municipal votes will in fact be necessary to implement measures that are more restrictive than the current measures, which include, among other things, the call for smart work, the obligation to wear mask employment Public transport In other cases at home and commitment green lane To access some public places and events.

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Behind Johnson’s choice, there are also tensions and disagreements between conservative Britons who do not support the hard line are described as “Coercive measures” Written by Lord Frost, Brexit Secretary, in the letter with which he made his own resignation – which was instead announced in January – in protest of the “current direction” taken by the government.

Lord Frost’s resignation was read by many observers as a new indication of uncomfortable Part of the Conservative Party after voting against several of them in recent days in Parliament against the package Measures to combat covid. After bidding farewell to the Brexit Secretary, several Conservatives, speaking in the British media, wondered “Where shall we go”, such as Tobias EllwoodChairman of the House of Commons Defense Committee.

Johnson also found himself dealing with a scoop Watchman Who posted a picture of the British Prime Minister in a garden Downing Street, Next to wife, with vintage e cheese, while there are many employees around you, 17 years without respect spacing, while closing in May 2020. Although the British government had confirmed on that occasion that it was “business meeting”, Non-alcoholic. On the other hand, bottles of wine were highlighted in the shot published by the official English newspaper.


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