Federico Vinas' departure for Uruguayan national is not possible

A source consulted by ESPN revealed that the Uruguay club’s proposal is not viable due to the economic problem

Mexico – National Uruguay Make an offer to America Club to hire Federico VinasBut the economic obstacle is too great and the likelihood of the Uruguayan striker returning to his country is very slim.

Nacional wants it as a priority but today it is not possible. A source familiar with the offer that Nacional sent to America in the last hours told ESPN that it was futile due to the economic issue.

In fact, most likely grape vines Staying with the Eagles for at least the first semester of 2022, awaiting a better year than 2021, given his future outlook is towards the Northern Hemisphere, rather than back to South America.

“That’s the idea, perhaps an important team of MLS You can hear it, there have been talks, but Plan A is Europe and Plan B is going to be MLS, the source consulted commented.

So far, America Focuses on the exit process of other players, specifically Argentine Leo Suarez, after losing Sebastian Cordova, Nicolas Benedetti, Ramon Juarez and Renato Ibarra..

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