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All of South America From Colombia to Patagonia witnessing a Stage Below average climatic With extremes and even minimums completely anomalous. There is rejection up to 10/12°C lower Between eastern Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil, northern Argentina and Uruguay. A phenomenon that can be linked in part to the continuity of the “La Nina” phase, but certainly due to the special severity with which the southern winter has presented these countries this year.

Especially cold and snowy conditions have caused problems in Argentina since July

In mid-August, the country’s central mountainous region was hit by atypical snowstorms

But this part of the land is not the only one that suffers from abnormal cold and especially heavy snowfall. South Africa also experiences below average temperatures and abnormal snowfall and if we go the other way South AustraliaTasmania and New Zealand find similar cases.

This atypical cooling which contrasts sharply with abnormal temperature Which, on the other hand, affects the northern hemisphere should not lead to a search for easy explanations such as the imaginary balances that are often asked. The seasonal trends of the two halves of the planet are completely separate from each other.

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