Pirates protagoniza la peor jugada a la defensiva que se recuerde

Photo: Courtesy Cubs

Today’s match between Cubs and Pirates will be remembered due to the series of fatal mistakes Pittsburgh players have made in defensive play.

The game in between Cubs s Hackers From this day on Major League Baseball Two things will be remembered for many years: the skill and the intelligence of Javier Baez, the second businessman Chicago; And the series of fatal mistakes Pittsburgh players made in a defensive game was off the game.

At the top of the third half, Javier Baez hit the ball without much danger on third base, as suspended third baseman Eric Gonzalez grabbed it and sent the ball to the start, where the agonizing scene began.

Base Ranger Will Craig grabbed the parcel instead of taking it out for processing. Báez smartly rolled the start and gradually retreated to the home plate, while Wilson Contreras, which had been packed in the middle, ran the rest of the diamonds to the main board. Craig didn’t decide in time to go to Baez and chose to give the ball to Michael Perez, who didn’t have time to get Contreras into the board.

The game barely started there, due to the disbelief of the Pittsburgh players, Chicago started racing at the start, as there was no one around. Perez threw the ball to Adam Frazier, the second baseball player who was running to first place for third, but did not catch the ball, as Bayes sped off to reach the podium.

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The show didn’t stop there. Faced with a catch error, the Puerto Rican coach first indicated that he could run to second base, something which was not thought twice and gave the final run to get to second base safely. To make matters worse, Polanco’s delivery of the ball from the right field was not caught by midfielder Brian Reynolds, which would have resulted in another base being stolen if Gonzalez had not been there to win the White in the end.

Players in the Chicago bunker were extravagant and bewildered about the play Javier Baez left as an unforgettable memory in PNC Park, the home of the pirates, as locals won’t forget it for long, either.

The Cubs scored a 5-3 win to maintain first place in Old Circuit Central alongside the Cardinals.



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