The 2021/22 season in Europe has already begun, and the International Cups are no exception. As usual every year, we will have some Chilean representatives in the best tournaments in the world, so it will be important that they add as many minutes as possible in order to keep fit throughout the football season, because in addition to being active with their clubs, there will be commitments from the national team Heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Next, we take a look at our Panorama.

Two references at Inter Milan

In the Italian league, specifically in Inter Milan, there are two historical elements for Chile: Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez, both of whom are American champions on two occasions. It should be noted that it is possible to perform bets Online In all football matches Serie A and Champions League, competitions at the highest level where we can follow the performance of the mentioned players week by week.

in the middle of the field Inter Milan is Arturo Vidal, who is 34 years old in the last season of his contract with the Nerazzurri, so he will try to bid him farewell in the best way. In 2020/21, Rai was a regular fixture for most of the first half of the season, but missed the final matches due to multiple injuries. Both managers and fans hope that Vidal will continue, because although they are not the favorites to win the Champions League, in Serie A they will have to ratify their title against prestigious teams such as Juventus, Napoli and Milan.

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Arturo Vidal’s Inter Milan partner, Alexis Sanchez, is seeking consistency in Serie A, the tournament in which he scored seven goals last season. Although the Tocopilla-born lived through the 2020/21 campaign without too many injuries, he didn’t have the minutes he loved. At 32, Alexis Sánchez still has a two-year contract, so that’s going to be important Show the quality you have in your legs.

Chile in the European League

The Europa League is the second largest competition at club level, in which Chile will also have representatives. Charles Aránguiz is already one Ordinary men with Bayer LeverkusenThis season they will seek to be champions outside Germany, while in the Bundesliga they will have the task of being in the best possible position. In Monaco we find Guillermo Maripán, a defender who usually also has several minutes. In Ligue 1, the principality team has had good seasons in recent times, so they will try to win the Europa League and play the best possible role in the domestic league.

Without a doubt, it will be an important season for all the players in the world, as it is the year in which the qualifying rounds to Qatar 2022 take place, which is why the performance they may give in competitions such as the Champions League and the European League is key, in addition to matches every week in their leagues . In the coming months, we’ll see if the Chileans are capable of the regularity they used to in the past.

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