DIRECT. Fusillade à Paris (hôpital Henri-Dunant) : un mort, la piste de l

FUSILLADE PARIS. A man in the 16th Arrondissement outside a Paris hospital opened fire, killing a man and injuring a woman. The path of terrorist attack is not progressing.

  • According to AFP, on Monday, April 12, 2021, a man opened fire in front of the Henry-Dunant Hospital in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris.
  • The media reports that a man was killed and a woman was seriously injured by bullets, relying on a police source.
  • The gunman fled in a two-wheeler, according to France Info.
  • The attack does not yet qualify as a terrorist, and judicial police have seized the investigation, which opened this time for “attempted murder”.


15:46 – The 16th mayor takes over the situation

Francis Spinner, mayor of the 16th Arrondissement, spoke. He explains that the evidence collected by the judicial police at this point represents a criterion for judging scores rather than an act of terrorism. The man, who did not escape from his injuries, was deliberately targeted, while the hospital security guard fell victim to the wrong bullet.

15:41 – The 16th Arrondissement District is encircled

Rio Michael-Ange, the theater of the play and the district are surrounded by police. The situation is unusual for the Sixteenth Arrondissement of Paris’ Peace and Capitalism. BFMTV reports that 25 firefighters are on site.

15:36 – Second victim in very bad condition

The second victim, who was shot, is in critical condition and is being cared for at Henry-Dunant Hospital, where he works as a security guard, according to initial reports. According to the testimony of a neighboring restaurant owner who collected PFMTV, the woman was at the entrance to a health facility reserved for vehicles.

15:30 – Paris also considers the settlement of DSPB accounts

The Paris Coordination (DSPAP) Alliance on BFMTV refers to the representative of the Department of Defense in the vicinity of Paris as the “settlement of accounts”.

15:26 – Hypothesis on settlement of accounts emerged

When looking at the operating system, the hypothesis of accounting solution is mentioned. The shooter was dressed in a black parka and had his face covered with a hood. He also deliberately targeted an unidentified person four times before he left.

15:18 – Shooting in front of a vaccination center

The hospital where the scene took place is an institution that specializes in geriatrics, which also runs a vaccination center against Govt-19. “No one,” according to a PFMTV interviewer. This afternoon, people continue to go to the “Drop by Drop” hospital, according to Le Picaro.

15:16 – “There were six scenes”

“There were six shots on everything. The first four then two. One man in his thirties was on the ground,” said a resident of a neighboring building in Le Picaro. The gunman first targeted a man several times before shooting a woman at a hospital security officer.

15:09 – The sniper came out “cold”

The deceased has not yet been identified. Henry-Dunant had ordered takeaway coffee at a restaurant near the hospital. The manager of the establishment testified on PFMTV: “I heard explosions, I saw a hood shooting a bullet, I saw a boy on the ground. And waiting for him on a scooter 500 meters away “.

15:01 – A “point blank” shot

The shooter is said to have deliberately opened fire on the deceased. PFMTV reporter Alexandra Gonzalez said the victim had been shot several times in the head. A resuscitator who witnessed the scene explained that he saw the person who fired the shot at the victim, who was already on the ground, firing “at a close distance.”

14:53 – Attempted murder case opened

An inquest into the assassination attempt was opened and handed over to the First District of the Judicial Police of Paris. Patrolmen are still searching for gunfire.

14:46 – The shooter fled in a two-wheeler

According to France Info, Henry Dunant, the author of the footage of the attack on two people in front of the hospital, escaped after firing on a motorcycle or scooter in the early hours of the morning. Police have not yet arrested him.

14:41 – Pictures of a journalist from Brute

Brutal journalist Rami Puiz posted a few seconds video online of the use of a security perimeter around a hospital in the 16th Aurangzeb in Paris.

14:39 – Attack in front of Henry-Dunant Hospital?

Nothing now indicates that the shots fired were the result of an act of a terrorist nature. The judiciary was captured by the police and still refers to PFMTV, but it is necessary to wait again to have concrete elements in the circumstances of the tragedy. This news feed, which is fed live, aims to provide all the latest information about the events that took place in front of the hospital.

14:35 – The victim died of his injuries

PFMTV points out that one of the victims of the shooting has died: he will act as a hospital security guard.

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This Monday, April 12, 2021, at 1:40 pm, a man opened fire in front of the Henry-Dunant Hospital, a medical institution in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris. The man shot two people before fleeing on a scooter. He is still wanted by the police.

One person died of his injuries after being shot. BFMTV indicates that he will be a security guard. Another victim was a woman, also known as a security agent, who worked at Henry Dunant Hospital. He was immediately noticed by the institution’s medical services, but is in poor condition.

For now, the identity of the shooter has not been identified and Judicial Police investigators have not arrested the suspect. The circumstances of the tragedy and the motives of the shooting should remain unknown at trial.

Henry Dunant Hospital is a private maintenance company owned by the French Red Cross, located near the Borde de Saint-Cloud on the 16th Arrondissement of the party. An important aging service is emerging, but part of the campus is currently being converted into a Govt-19 vaccination center.

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