Fortnite: où trouver l’item Symbiote de Carnage dans le jeu vidéo ?

This is the big question that baffles Fortnite fans! Where and how can the Symbiote item for Carnage be found in the game? We answer you

As Fortnite Season 8 is finally available, Players discover new features in the game. Like the emergence of new objects. But the question arises, where and how should we find Carnage’s Symbiote item in the video game? No problem, MCE TV shows you everything from the ground up!

Fortnite: Tips for Finding Matches

It’s official, Season 8 of Fortnite is finally available. Something to please the players who are waitingThe new map of the game hasn’t been around for a long time! It must be said that they were eagerly awaiting this. Because the last adventure was a huge success.

So many are eager to repeat the experience. Suddenly, which says the arrival of Season 8 in the game, necessarily means that new things and weapons will appear in Fortnite. between them, Carnage and poison are symbiotic He pointed the tip of his nose on Friday, September 17th.

But then the question arises, QWhere can we find the element of carnage? MCE TV tells you the opposite! So, you just have to look at the mini map of the game! Yes Yes ! Just that! If you take a closer look, you may come across a carnage element or a poison element.

From now on, you will be able to see an icon in the first minutes of the game, from the first area. This one indicates Then the Symbiote site for the game.

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And that’s not all! When you get it successfully Your equivalent icon, the icon disappears from the mini-map. In fact, the location of things is constantly changing with each game. So finding them is not an easy task.

employment Fortnite, so we can read : « Grab enemies with a symbiotic arm and fly a symbiotic glider. Make way for massacres! “ interesting ! Also note that the appearance of new creatures isn’t the only new thing in the game. Now visit new places like Detours!

Fortnite: Where do you find Carnage’s Symbiote item in a video game?

Season 8 of pure fun!

In season 8, you will also be able to unlock stars. The more stars players earn, More rewards they unlock. Imagine that it is possible to win five Battle Stars in each level.

For this, we must not neglect the V-Bucks that allow you to skip levels. very fast solution To open what seems necessary. Weekly and daily punch cards are also of great interest.

Because they both bring XP in the end. The same goes for the choice of characters. They should not be neglected because they wereYou make a difference for every new challenge.

Obviously, we can never say it enough, co-op is essential in Season 8 of Fortnite. Especially since there is nothing more beautiful than To play there with his group of friends.

there is no doubt, Fortnite Season 8 promises to be crazyNS! Reviews are already very positive on the web!