Technology company Microsoft will invest in the country to build betting and data centers on Mexico’s digital transformation, to encourage entrepreneurs and to support tax collection.

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At the President’s Morning Conference, Microsoft Mexico has announced it will invest $ 1,000 million To promote “digital transformation in Mexico”.

“The signing of the T-MEC helps us a lot because companies are expanding and needing more technology,” said President Andrs Manuel Lopez Obrador.

In Microsoft announcements “Novelty for Mexico” The project focuses on accelerating the democratization of access to technology, a key pillar of the project.

The company has announced plans to establish a new area of ​​cloud data centers in Mexico, with the aim of supporting its intelligent and reliable cloud services to public companies, organizations and the community in general. Power Platform with Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Then.

“This data center is a key part of Microsoft’s $ 1.1 billion investment plan for Mexico over the next five years, including a robust education and training program created by various initiatives, such as the collaboration of three laboratories and virtual classrooms. To provide an educational platform that focuses on developing digital capabilities with public universities in the country and to help inculcate the work of future generations, ”said a technology legend. Press release.

Another of the pillars is Microsoft’s commitment to using artificial intelligence to create social impact, an investment in the “Artificial Intelligence for Tracking Pelagic Sharks in the Mexican Pacific” project, driven by the environmental organization Mexico Azul. Part of shark protection AI for Earth Initiative.

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In addition, Microsoft includes directors of leading companies that have made significant progress in Mexico, with the aim of combining the experiences and needs of digital transformation. Digital change, Should be part of an advisory panel to identify the demand for initiatives for digital transformation. Training, sharing best practices, monitoring progress and improving employment.

Source: Forbes Mexico

Mexico Journal

Fee Microsoft to invest $ 1.1 billion in shark education, entrepreneurship and security in Mexico Appeared at first Mexico Journal.



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