Football: Mesut Ozil makes a break with Fenerbahce Istanbul for the public
football Istanbul fans are angry

Ozil makes the break with Fenerbahce public

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil has no future in Fenerbahce, Istanbul. Difficult chapter imminent

Source: dpa / Arne Dedert

Mesut Ozil no longer plays a role in Fenerbahce Istanbul. Although the 33-year-old affirms his loyalty to the club, his approach speaks a different language. Now the former national player is publicly walking away from his club.

KOnce he noticed the small signal, it really had an effect. The reports were reported in the Turkish sports media. Mesut Ozil, 33, one of the best soccer players in the world, once again angered the fans of his club, Fenerbahce, Istanbul.

On Monday morning, a Turkish journalist tweeted that Ozil no longer follows his employer on Instagram. A slap in the face to Istanbul’s proud supporters. General break with the club. After that, “Breaking News” flipped over the sports channels.

It is important for Ozil to make the headlines once again with his work off the pitch. From a sporting point of view, the Fenerbahce midfielder has long ceased to be an outstanding player and is completely dispensable.

Ozil’s contract runs until 2024

Although he still has a contract until 2024, Fenerbahce has not put any obstacles in his way. exactly the contrary. At the club, you should be happy even if Ozil, one of the senior staff, leaves the club. Ozil himself had only defended himself against the allegations at the end of May and confirmed on Twitter that he had not been paid for the first half of his contract.

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In terms of sports, Ozil did not live up to expectations for long periods. Coach Ismail Kartal decided not to rely on his star player anymore. The whole thing culminated in commentary in early April. Ozil hasn’t played a minute since then and hasn’t trained with the team.

Hope for a fresh start under new Fenerbahce coach Jorge Jesus quickly dashed, as the Portuguese refused to return Ozil when he was introduced. At the start of training last week, Jesus put his words into action and did not name the German for his pre-season squad.

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Early separation seems unlikely. Because of Ozil. In the past, the optimist at that time already said that he no longer wanted to play for any other club. Imminent hanging game. Even in the final phase of his time at Arsenal, Ozil sat in the stands for only months.

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A career in virtual sports

As Hurriyet newspaper reported on Monday, Ozil will open up new business areas. In Indonesia, he has commercial and sponsorship deals worth $100 million. On this occasion, Ozil recently met with Sandiaga Ono, the country’s Minister of Tourism and Innovation.

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In addition, Ozil is a fan of video games. Chancellor Erkut Sögüt has made it clear that Ozil will not switch to virtual sports in the near future, but there is an conceivable future. In addition, the German is said to be working on his own sports streaming service and has already invested millions in it.


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