Dramatic scenes were repeated in several places in Ukraine, which was invaded by the Russians, and women and men were placed in the street in front of tanks, hoping that the army would not advance further inside.

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Ukrainian civilians disarm you so They are placed on foot or by bicycle in front of the wagons The attempt of the Russian armed forces to prevent it from continuing during the invasion of the country was a desperate attempt at nonviolent resistance by the Ukrainians that took place in several cities now occupied by the Russians after the invasion and three days of fighting from north to south. . Dramatic scenes were repeated in several regions of the country, with women and men being placed in the street in front of Russian tanks, in the hope that the army would not advance further inside. Videos posted online on social media, for example, show a group of civilians taking to the street in Ichnya, in the Chernihiv region about thirty kilometers northeast of the capital Kyiv, where the Russians have now broken through. Invasion of Ukraine from Belarus. Unarmed local residents forced the military crew of two Russian tanks to change course instead of going all the way

Another episode documented by instantly captured videos shows dozens of civilians, mostly elderly, quietly walking to meet a Russian tank to block its way to Koryukivka, also inIn northern Ukraine and in the Chernihiv region But farther to the east of the capital. Another similar incident was in the city of Bakhmash, also in northern Ukraine, where a man was filmed trying to climb into a moving tank and then kneeling in front of the car as locals crowded around him, begging the army to stop. In other cases, citizens were seen throwing bicycles into the street, under the tracks of tanks or even old women confronting the Russian army with a question why they were there.

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