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You should know that in this city it will be dark until January, this phenomenon is scary, that’s why it happens. All useful information.

a city wrapped Complete darkness, even during the day. over here The sun will return only next year. What you need to know.

In this city it will be dark until the month of January, and the phenomenon is frightening, and that is why it occurs (Photo by Zeeshan Shabeer from Pexels)

A phenomenon that can cause fear, but in fact it is completely normal. It comes to itilt of the earth’s axis The alternation of seasons. Here is where the city we are talking about and why it is in the dark.

It will be dark in this city until January, because it happens

We are talking about Polar or polar night It is the phenomenon for which In winter It enters the regions around the Arctic Circle and the Arctic Circle a dark periodmore or less severe. The closer you are to the North Pole, the less sunlight the days will have and the colder they will be. This phenomenon occurs due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, which causes the North Pole to move away from the sun, and reaches its peak at the winter solstice. After that, the Earth’s axis returns to move in the opposite direction, to bring the North Pole closer to the sun again, as the days get longer and spring approaches.

Therefore, during the winter, the closer you are to the pole, the further away you are from the sun and its light. And in some latitudes, the sun remains below the horizon and does not rise for months. This is how the polar night happens, the darkness can be more or less intense, it always depends on the latitude. In many areas it is not completely dark during the day but there is light similar to a light dusk.

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That’s what happened to Utqiaġvika city in northern Alaska formerly known as Barrow, where he was The sun set on November 18th and where It will only rise again on January 23, 2023. due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis. For a city of just under 5,000, they would be 65 days without sunto me dark or in one twilight lightis still enough to see.

Utqiaġvik there It is located in the northernmost part of the United States And one of the northernmost in the world. It is located on the coast of Punta Baru, on the Arctic Ocean, about 2,100 km from the North Pole.

City of Utqiaġvik, Alaska (Photo by Joseph from Cabin On The Road, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons)

Are you going to spend the winter here? in the dark? But especially in the cold? In winter, temperatures are almost always around -25 degrees Celsius. The record was -54 degrees Celsius


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