Confession of a woman “I always cheat on my boyfriend when he’s on vacation and I’ll explain why”

A woman admitted to her lover’s “systematic” infidelity, but only when he was on vacation. In his opinion, this custom has a logic and an explanation of why, in his city, he would never do it.

When we’re on vacation, we’re more relaxed (or try to be). for a few days at least We don’t think about work, home problems, and in general we try to be more relaxed. Many people go on vacation in the hope of making new acquaintances, whether it is for the evening or for a longer period. On the other hand, popular culture teaches us this. How many times have we heard: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Why should it be different in other tourist spots?

A woman, whose real name is Georgy, sent a letter to the Mirror newspaper, explaining exactly why she cheated on her lover only when he was on vacation abroad. “I cheated on him a few times abroad. It didn’t happen every holiday, but I’d say a lot.”. Her habit started around the age of 25, when she just got engaged: “I was on holiday in Greece with my girlfriends, and we made friends with a group of people and drank a lot. Among them was a boy and we went to bed several times. I still think about that vacation…”.

Cheating on boyfriend only on vacation

Then it specifies: “I didn’t always sleep with the guys I knew. Sometimes we’d just kiss or something.” Especially: “When I have these adventures, I never say my real name, let alone give out my phone number. Today I’m not in contact with any of the people I’ve dated on vacation. And also because they were often involved in their turn and not interested in talking about it. But why does the excellent Georgie cheat on her boyfriend when he’s on vacation and not when he’s in his hometown (Scotland)?

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The disco is one of the places where the woman in question has often cheated on her boyfriend. stock photos

“Res: I am not married, but would like to be soon. I have been engaged for five years and am happily married to my partner.” Why do I cheat on him? I think energy has something to do with that. On the outside it is as if I have transformed into another person. I feel safer and the desire for physical experiences increases incredibly on vacation. I also like to relive the situations I was in when I was very young and experience the same feelings. I have a bunch of friends and we are all attractive and have a lot of opportunities. I only do it outside because it’s practically impossible for me to be discovered. For me it is about adventures, I don’t give them any weight because there is no feeling. I think I’m doing nothing wrong.” At the end of her admission, Georgie explains: I believe my partner would never cheat on me, not even for a fling. If he knew what I’m doing, he’d be horrified. I’m sure he’ll never find out, so I guess it’s pointless to talk about it.”

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