FC Bayern Munich - Joshua Jerzsey borrowed in an interview:

Transferred to FC Bayern’s reserves, unfortunate loan to Pharma Calcio, missed great opportunity in friendly against Ajax: After difficult months, Joshua Zirksey is currently shining at RSC Anderlecht. In an interview SPOX And The goal FC Bayern Munich’s loan speaks to its past and future.

The 20-year-old Dutchman talks about “hateful, racist, nonsense news”, faces criticism over his coaching performance and talks about the hardest moment of his life.

Jersey sees his future in Munich: “I still hope that one day I will become an important Bayern player.”

Mr. Jersey, you were in excellent form for several weeks and scored goals like a conveyor belt. Why is that?

Joshua Jersey: I admire the atmosphere in Anderlecht. Those around me give me a lot of confidence, the coaches and my team. This is the basic requirement for good performance.

Was it different in Munich?

Round Sea: No. But here I had the opportunity to use my confidence by playing more time.

What role does Coach Vincent Company play in you?

Round Sea: He makes sure I stay warm every day. It is very good for a player to have a coach who can change his beliefs. Because he was a player, he could especially study football.

How often do you interact with people at FC Bayern?

Round Sea: I write every day with my friends on the team: Alfonso Davis, Jamal Musiala, Omar Richards and some junior players on the second team.

When was the last time you talked to coach Julian Knucklesman?

Round Sea: My last conversation with him was the season before my move.

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Did he advise you to go to Anderlecht?

Round Sea: I never talked to him about it. I decided for myself. I really wanted to go to Anderlecht. Fortunately Bayern supported the project.

Recently there were rumors that Anderlecht wanted to sign you. Are you planning to return to Bayern Munich in the summer?

Round Sea: I still hope that one day I will become a key player for Bayern. I will return to Bayern when the season is over. Where I play after that depends on the chances of competitive training because that is the most important thing to me.

The goal you missed in a friendly against Ajax Amsterdam last summer was FC Bayern’s last-ditch impact. How did you experience that scene and the riot that followed?

Round Sea: Personally, I could not have been less worried about the reviews. I missed an opportunity, but overall I played a decent game. I made really good product in Munich. Of course, it is nonsense that I missed this opportunity. A lot of people magnified it after that, but I didn’t care. I was in good condition and wanted to continue.

In such a situation you have to “show a different seriousness,” Knucklesman said.

Round Sea: I should have been more professional by that time. It should not have happened to me, but it did happen: so what?

In response to public criticism, you have completely emptied your Instagram profile for a while.

Round Sea: I don’t think it’s a big story. I have disabled the messaging feature on Instagram. I was completely inactive on Instagram for two or three days and then came back online. It was a little too much for me and I needed to rest. I received hateful, racist, nonsensical news.

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Do you read all the news you receive on social networks?

Round Sea: Not anymore. Now only people I know can message me on Instagram.

How did your team react to your blow at that time?

Round Sea: You asked why I did that. Then I explained to them. They understood my decision and supported me.

Then why did you start using social media again?

Round Sea: They give me a great site to promote things to my friends. For example, a friend of mine introduced a new clothing label. Through my profile I can help him grow.


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