Rockstar is following in its footsteps in this controversial update

Every week, Rockstar updates the multiplayer component of GTA Vto know GTA Online. It is still a popular game despite the passing of the years (GTA Online released in 2013), it can boast a full server offering. Enthusiasts who will undoubtedly enjoy the release of the remastered versions of the first authorship, which are still leaking. But over the past few days, Rockstar has faced a protest after a controversial update. To loosen mores, the studio backed off.

Back and forth between gta online activities

players GTA Online They have a wide range of activities open to them. Between thefts, PvP confrontations, investing in real estate or cars, there is no shortage of professions. But recently, Rockstar decided to tackle two activities without warning: water races and skydiving. The only rationale given: make room for future updates. Activities that thus disappear overnight and embarrass some players.

And for good reason, even if these activities aren’t necessarily the most common GTA Online, they have the advantage of allowing players to unlock the “Numero uno” cup, which consists of “first rank in all competitive modes”. Unfortunately for fishermen and aspiring trophy collectors, sea races and skydiving are mandatory here. By removing the mentioned activities from GTA OnlineTherefore, Rockstar forbids obtaining this cup, which also allows you to get the Platinum game cup, which requires unlocking all possible prizes in advance.

After this sudden action by the American studio, some players climbed to the board, complaining that the conditions for obtaining at least the “Numero uno” trophy could be updated. In the face of this grumbling that is only a minority of players, Rockstar has the same. Only a few days after their disappearance, water races and parachute jumps reappear GTA Online Via an update last week.

Make way, my ass. I hate @Rock Games make up excuses. Sea Races and Parachuting is a main part and main game of GTA Online. So get stuffing/achievement and get rewards for your character. It is not necessary to remove them.

September 24, 2021

Make room my ass. I hate it when Rockstar makes excuses. Water races and skydiving are a major part of GTA Online. Including getting a trophy and rewards for your character. It is not necessary to delete it.

However, Rockstar warns interested players that these activities are returning for a limited time: “Some activities now follow rotations to free up space and make it easier to match between players“. Players are now warned. Loaded menus that Rockstar wants to make more readable. It remains to be seen whether this new policy will appeal to players in the long run. Activities that will only be available for a limited time, forcing players to keep up with updates GTA Online If they wish to participate.

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