Point Nemo, here is the

If anyone thinks of escaping, being surrounded only by the sea, and being thousands of miles away from any form of human life, then point nemo It’s the right place for him.

Point Nemo (or Point Nemo) is also called an inaccessibility column. It owes its name to the legendary captain and founder of Nautilus, depicting the submarine sailing into the abyss in Jules Verne’s book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. A place where the hero is only one: Big. And nothingness around it.

For many centuries, no one had calculated what could be the furthest point from the Earth that appeared. Only in the 1990s did scientists begin to wonder where such a hard-to-reach place could be. Using a series of mathematical calculations that indicated every coastline and every small island dotted with oceans, they were able to find the coordinates: 48° 52.6 E 123° 23.6° W In the waters of the South Pacific Ocean. It was called Point Nemo. A place not too far from where Howard Phillips Lovecraft imagined the sunken city of R’lyeh, Built by the subjects of Stolo. A closeness with which it is impossible not to see a coincidence: a sign that at the time of Lovecraft there was talk of this place being lost at sea, far from any form of civilization.

To understand how difficult it is to get to this wonderful place as wellThe Pacific Ocean, just think of a number: 2.688. These are the kilometers that Point Nemo is from the closest terrestrial places: Pitcairn, Motu Nui and Maher Island. Three places are practically the same distance, but they are uninhabited. To reach the first form of civilization, it is necessary to stretch at least a hundred kilometers to reach Auckland in New Zealand. Calculate the nature of the orbit of the International Space Station 400 km from the surface of the earth, it is possible that a person in Point Nemo is closer to a man in space than to a man on Earth.

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Of course this private distance of any form Civilization – and also almost every form of life, since the currents and the depth of place did not allow the development of a large ecosystem – did not go unnoticed by scientists and all those (governments and military) who were looking for a place far from every human for some of their activities. For this reason, today Point Nemo is not only the furthest place from Earth, but also a kind of cemetery where all spaceships bound for Earth are sent on their scheduled return. Far from prying eyes, but above all to avoid infecting populated centers with ships or ships cruising those waters, there are the wrecks of space carriers.

closer toUniverse On land, Nemo thus becomes the ideal point that connects the immensity of the ocean with the immensity of the sky. And it makes us feel smaller… and away from it all.


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