Four French in kick-off

Julian Knucklesman lined up an intense-attacking Bayern Eleven in the return game of the Champions League Round 16 against Salzburg on Tuesday (9pm). The German coach in particular relied on Kingsley Komen and Serge Knabry as pistons.

Bayern Munich, the firm leader of the Bundesliga with nine points ahead of Borussia Dortmund, should be more serious this Tuesday in the second leg of the Champions League knockout stages against Salzburg. With a long lead in the first leg, the Bavarian club equalized by Kingsley Koman (1-1) in the final seconds.

The French will also be in the second round against the Austrians. His teammates Lucas Hernandez and Benjamin Boward will accompany him on the kick-off, while former OL Oumar Solet will start for Salzburg.

>> Bayern-Salzburg live commentary

The most attacking Bayern team

To avoid a bad surprise, Julian Knucklesman picked up a decisive attack eleven on Tuesday evening. In addition to the Sane-Mர்ller-Lewandowski trio on the attack, Bavarian coach Kingsley Koman has aligned the left piston position and Serge Knabri on the right track. To bring some balance to the team, the Kimmich-Musiala duo will battle it out in midfield without dropping too much of the central defensive trio of Powart-Sule-Hernandez.

On the Salzburg side, Matthias Jaisley picked up a series with ten of the eleven starters in the first leg. The only change in Salzburg’s 4-3-1-2 was related to the injury of Nova Ocaphor. He will be replaced by Junior Adam during the first fight between the two teams.

Bayern-Salzburg Rows

Lyons to Byrne: Neuer – Powart, Sule, Hernandez – Gnabri, Kimmich, Mucila, Koman – Mல்லller, Sane – Lewandowski.

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Bayern substitutes: Upamegano, Richards, Saubo-Motting, Wanner, Subitzer Pavna Char, Roca, Nyanso, Ulrich, Widowick, Tilman, Stanisic.

Salzburg XI: Cohn – Christensen, Solet, Wobber, Ulmer – Cabaldo, Camara, Nicholas Sewald – Aaronson – Adam, Ademi.

Substitutes for Salzburg: Mantel, Van der Brembt, Pyatkovsky, Bernat, Kjerkard, Zunozovic, Suzyk, Cesco, Valke, Kinto, Dijani, Bernardo.


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