“I have never been a professional politician.”  Surreal sweetheart what he said on TV

A life he spent in politics. In leftist parties and institutions at the highest levels and in the most prestigious seats. Deputy, Senator, Minister several times, President of the Assembly and finally President of the Constitutional Court: Julian Amato That was all. However, today the person concerned maintains that this was never the case Politician By profession. What about the decades he spent in Parliament? Wow, how time passes: the 84-year-old former minister and former prime minister must not have noticed. Unlike the Italians, who still remember Forced withdrawal From the current accounts that occurred during the Amato government in 1992.

Amato: “I’ve never been a professional politician”

Speaking today at La7, the constitutional advocate commented with some detachment on the battles of current politicians. And that is exactly how he launched himself Surreal control. “I have never been a professional politician. I remember entering Parliament in 1983 with this in mind: having studied these things for years on the outside, I went to see what they were like on the inside. I have never changed this situationA. said the air that blows. In fact, the Turin jurist made more than just an observational tour of the button rooms, where he stayed for years and years. From 1983 onwards.

The Political Curriculum of Giuliano Amato

Raised as a politician in the Socialist Party, Amato was deputy From 1983 to 1994 with Psi, then – with L’Ulivo – Senator from 2001 to 2006 and deputy again from 2006 to 2008. He held the positions of Cabinet Secretary (in the Craxi I and Craxi II governments, 1983-1987), Vice-President of the Council (1987-1988) and minister Treasury (1987-1989). He was Prime Minister (Amato I government, 1992-1993), Chairman of Agcm (1994-1997), Minister for Institutional Reforms (1998-1999), again Minister of the Treasury (1999-2000) and again leading (Amato’s second government, 2000-2001). and finally Minister of the Interior (in the second Prodi government 2006-2008). The question arises: in what sense is he not an outstanding professor?He was not a professional politician“?

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Formation in the “old parties”

Moreover, regarding this remark, Amato also entered into a contradiction. “I was part of the political class and now feel a little distant from it for reasons…because they lived a little different life than I didThe Honorary President of the Constitutional Court said, later explaining: “I kind of grew up in Old concertswho used to take care of Teamwork… We learned a lot and when we got to Parliament we had this setup inside. But they are learning today in parliamentNot exactly the approach of someone who can be called a strangers Politics.


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