Women's basketball.  Aswell leaves the title to Borges

Aswell’s women lost to Borges in the final of the French Championship in Mado-Bonnet (53-59) on Saturday, so she won the French title 3-0.

Borges got off to a great start with excellent skill and dominance in rebounds. Aswell had two balls to send, but the Tangos pressed the accelerator again and finished the first quarter with a six-point lead (22 for 16).

The deal was very different in the second quarter, which was labeled “security”. In the scorching heat, Borges scored just six points, and efficiency dropped to 27%. Very efficient, Leonis was able to come close to leveling the Cong (28-28, half time).

Aswell quickly took control in the third quarter. In the final possession (41-43) only Borges went ahead with a successful shot from Hampton.

From the beginning of the fourth quarter, Borges went with the rediscovered address. The gap quickly rose to +8. Despite getting close to Lyon in the last two minutes, they are not going to lose the Tangos title again. So Borges is the champion of France. Aswell did not qualify for the Euroleek.

In the modo-bonnet: Aswell – Borges 53-59 (16-22, 12-6, 13-15, 12-16). Aswell : Cvrendakic 14, Chartereau 5, German 6, Alexander 10, Cheveaugon 6, then Ciak 0. Johannes 3, Tanqueray 2, Josite 1, Burdick 6, Badiane 0, Borges : Eldiprink 5, Rupert 6, Guabo 5, Godin 6, Deer 16, Pius Michael 0, Jacob 10, Aster 2, Hampton 9, Diovara 0

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