Jolette cantará con Flor Amargo

music career Juliette Hernandezthe singer who was part of the fourth generation of “academy“, which was the center of controversy thanks to the severe criticism he received from the jury, could reappear, because he will collaborate on a song with the artist bitter flower.

Via social media, the former reality show member said for her new project:

“Beautiful floramargo invited me to sing and of course it is an honor to come from her,” he wrote.

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The presenter also posted a private conversation between her and Amargo, in which the latter asked her for the opportunity to present her work and later see the possibility of working together.

Juliet replies, “Oh my God, but you sing beautifully,” followed by this, Fleur tells her she heard her sing on The Eddie Show, a broadcast that aired in 2019, in which the former academy was asked to translate “Cello Rojo.”

take photo.

Whether it will be a joint single or even an album is unknown, however, it seems that the two are happy with the opportunity.

Why was Juliet expelled from the “Academy”?

Despite the fact that Gullit’s participation in the “Academy” began in 2005, to this day she still offers something to talk about, because the Mexican audience does not forget when actress Lolita Cortes asked a live camera to tell the audience to stop. vote for her.

Lolita has been one of the singer’s harshest critics even though she has become a phenomenon.

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Recently, Curtis explained what happened behind that controversial scene, and explained that it wasn’t her idea to do it, but the same TV Azteca she had asked, where the audience didn’t vote for the talented participants. sings.

“She (Juliet) thinks she’s fine: someone has to tell her. Then he (someone from the production) said to me: ‘No, she’s going to order a camera and tell the audience not to vote for her anymore, because the reality show is getting out of hand and people are voting for it,'” the actress said.

He also explained that the production was concerned, as the participants were frustrated when they saw that Juliet was still in competition, despite the fact that she did not have a good voice.

“We have great voices, and it’s not fair to them, because everyone in the house is emotionally down, because they say, ‘What good is singing, if it’s going to stay.’ They were absolutely right, and the balance of our generation was slipping away and we were turning into a circus,” he added. Curtis.

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