Irina Baeva

Irina Paiva was visiting one of the most exclusive hotels in San Miguel de Allende, where she looked stunning in a blue bikini.

In the photos he shared on his Instagram account, Gabriel Soto did not appear, but he was with her, where he also shared some photos of the place.

The hotel is the Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende, which is located near the Obraje Dam.

This space embodies the rich history and cultural charm of one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende has been ranked internationally as one of the best cities in the world to visit.

In the Live Aqua Urban Resort You can enjoy the wonderful architecture and artwork around you.

Feel the feel and ambiance of the rooms and suites. Treat yourself to the flavors and aromas of every restaurant or bar.

It is a perfect place to go as a couple, because you can have a romantic evening.

It’s also for kids, they have kids lounge, a safe place where they can have fun and learn.

Irina Paiva, the girl in the blue bikini

In one of the photo series, Irina Paiva puts the phrase “the girl in the blue bikini” for her look, which is also irreparably reminiscent of the song Luis Miguel.

Here are some pictures:

In this picture, the place and the actress look great

Irina Paeva was born in Moscow, Russia on October 25, 1992. She studied Spanish and learned quickly thanks to watching Mexican soap operas.


In 2012 he moved to Mexico City and studied at CEA de Televisa.

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She started her career on the series Girl Comes to Marry and Passion and Power.

Her first leading role was in 2016 with Vino el amor, where she met Gabriel Soto and from there they fell in love and the scandal came from their relationship, as Soto was still married to Geraldine Bazán, whom she considered a bad woman.

He participated in other series, such as the series that confessed guilt and being single with his daughters. She is currently in love with Debra.

Irina Paiva in a place


Gabriel Soto and the wedding

A few weeks ago, Irina Paiva and Gabriel Soto made headlines for an alleged wedding.

However, they both denied it, but they are still together.

In fact, they both worked on the telenovela Amor Divided, which ends on June 12 in Las Estrellas.

In the story they were pairs, but she is the villain and thus made his life impossible.


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