On Tuesday, Fornero shot Fanacci and Storris silenced her: “Are you the judge?”

The conflict over General Roberto Fanacci broke out between Francesco Staurasi and Elsa Fornero during the June 11 episode of DiMartedì, the La7 television program hosted by Giovanni Flores. The former minister in Monti's government speaks out, explaining his thoughts on the League: “I never said that I agree with Umberto Bossi and no one sanctifies that. Let's say it is a question of respect for the people and I seem to be and that in the tradition of Matteo Salvini's party, respect for the people comes last. There is an illusion that is systematically sold, there is hatred, contempt and bitterness that is created, all in Salvini's preaching, but the voters noticed it, so much so that he had to turn to another impersonator, Vanacci, to find the votes to deceive the people.

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Fornero's speech makes Storace jump out of his seat: “You've never had this excitement of voting. 500,000 votes is a lot, and you've never had 500,000 votes. A trick? But who is it? Judge others? Think what you've done.” As Flores tries to restore calm, Fornero concludes his speech with another direct attack on the new MEP: “Many of the things that Vanacci said are completely contrary to the spirit of the Constitution, in fact I no longer call him a general, because he insulted his honor.” “This title.”


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