The Case of Russian Shadows - Libero Quotidiano

As the Russian shadows behind the government crisis are revealed, theItalian intelligence It was shaken by a real earthquake. Fear that secret services will be diverted behind eavesdropping, that is, behind any agent the spy is hiding. To inadvertently unveil the scandal, Franco Gabrielli. The Undersecretary in charge of Services – Identity Reports – to reduce Putin’s hand when CEO Draghi fell, revealed the presence of those 007 moving in the salaries of other 007 foreigners.

“As far as the Italian services know, there have been no activities aimed at favoring the downfall of the Draghi government with these interviews – he explained -. My position is an intervention aimed above all at protecting our country’s intelligence, if the subject is Senator Salvini urged to clarify his positions Towards the Russian Federation, there is no need to invoke such things. It complicates and also risks moving the problem.” And again: “Protecting the intelligence service, evoking and complicating things of this nature” are the goals.

over here? Not even for a dream, because Gabriele didn’t hide Existence of “infidels”, who act “for the most disparate reasons: friendship, sympathy, money, political conviction, or perhaps because they want to afflict another person.” Some, as he himself recalls, were already expelled. Others, on the other hand, continue to work.

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