USA, Shocking Poll: Joe Biden: “Too Old for the White House”

Shocking poll of Joe Biden. According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll, 86% of those surveyed believe the 81-year-old US president is too old to serve a second term. This number also includes the 59% of respondents who believe that even Donald Trump is too old at 77 to return to the White House. The survey was conducted on February 9 and 10, after the publication of special prosecutor Robert Hoare's report on secret documents found unattended in Biden's residences, in which he spoke of the president's “significantly impaired memory.”

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A majority of American citizens, 59%, believe that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too old for another presidential term. This was revealed through a poll conducted by ABC News/Ipsos. The poll indicates that age will remain a major factor in the 2024 elections. A quarter of Americans (27%) say that only Biden is too old to serve another term (but not Trump), while only one in ten Americans (11%) ) ) Say that neither of them is too old to serve as president again. A majority of Republicans (62%) say only Biden is too old for another term, while a majority of Democrats (69%) and independents (70%) believe both are too old.

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