MH370, Ten Years of Mystery.  That 6 hour “gap” and the doubts about the pilot.  New searches for missing plane?

Bologna, March 8, 2024 – Ten years without answers3653 days in which many wondered about the end of their loved ones: agony linked to The disappearance of flight MH370. That fateful one March 8, 2014 At 12:42 p.m., the plane landed Airlines Malaysia Starts from kuala lumpur towards BeijingThere are 239 people on board, including 12 crew members. The flight was supposed to take 5 hours and 34 minutes, but he disappeared less than an hour after take-off. A mystery that continues to this day.

in 1.19 Last connection With the control center in Kuala Lumpur: “Good night,” greets the plane’s captain, Zahari Ahmad Shah, before entering the plane. Vietnamese airspace. Here, the Boeing 777 9M-MRO disappears from radar 1.21 At night. Investigations will subsequently reveal that Transmitters and receivers – The tool that transmits the location from the plane to the control towers – was It was stopped manually. There is no indication of any emergency occurring. Everyone thinks about A Sinking In the South China Sea, but in the following days, despite the participation of dozens of ships and aircraft in the search, neither the wreckage nor part of the aircraft fuselage was found.

Two days after his disappearance, a British company discovered this The flight “survived” much later 1.21 am. In fact, it is not only the transceiver that transmits data about the state of the aircraft, but also the mechanism 'shake hand'. There are satellites that are able to pick up the signal from aircraft: they emit a “message”, which is then transmitted by the aircraft. Satellite data shows that MH370 remained in the air for a period of time At least another 6 hours.

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If the mystery was already complex, in the days following this discovery, investigators recorded another, perhaps even more interesting, mystery. After 1.21am, flight MH370 goes “reverse” And goes back towards Peninsular Malaysia. It is registered by Military radar Malaysia, which in turn lost contact with Boeing in 2.22.

However, in the following hours, it is recorded 7 more “handshakes”.. Calculating the average flight speed and the 6 hours it continued to be monitored in this way, there are two possibilities: it headed north, and it fell into the sea. Kazakhstan Once you run out of fuel, or fall south In the Indian Ocean (towards Antarctica) for the same reason. Investigators They get rid early Kazakh hypothesis, with emphasis on the second. This is the conclusion that is currently considered the most credible: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 sank between perth in Australia And Kuala LumpurAll passengers died. Since October 2017 they have been found 20 fragments From debris around beaches along the Indian Ocean.

There are many theories, however the exams I am Close to zero. There are those who assume a abductionBut the most credible hypothesis by the media and experts (and also, in the first analysis, also by the Malaysian police) suggests Captain Zahari As an administrator. This may make sense, because the problems started precisely upon exiting Malaysian airspace, with the manual shutdown of the transceiver. The man will fly the plane Until the fuel runs out Or it will be Consciously brought above 12 thousand meters From height, resulting in a fatal condition Reduce pressure. The pilot had – according to this reconstruction – carried out some kind of attack that was thwarted by his men Personal matters: The end of the alleged relationship with his wife and a prison sentence for sodomy against one of his relatives, a member of an opposition party. The family categorically rejects this hypothesis.

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On the 10th anniversary of the disappearance, the Malaysian government is sincerely prepared to do just that Re-open the investigation. This time, the technologies introduced by the American robotics company may be the ones that make the difference Infinity ocean, is willing to accept an agreement stipulating payment only if scrap is found. A similar agreement was signed 2018But the results were disappointing. According to CNNthe company told her Methodologies have been improved Over the past 6 years. “We are strong Determined to locate Transport Minister Anthony Locke promised the MH370.

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