Titanic, two months after the Titanic tragedy, they want to leave with a new expedition: the US government opposes and promises legal battles

Just over two months after the tragedy on Titan, the submarine that exploded with a group of tourists on board who were visiting the wreck of the Titanic, there is talk of a new expedition again. RMS Titanic, the Georgian company that owns the rights to ownership and recovery of the wreck, had in fact planned to Back to the deep sea in May 2024.

This time though The US federal government objected, and the legal battle ended in a Virginia court. According to various US media reports, these reservations are federal law and International agreement with the United Kingdom Under which the shipwreck of the Titanic is considered A cemetery dedicated to the 1,500 people who died in 1912.

The federal administration fears a possible attempt to enter the wreck pose a danger to any human remains or artifacts. For its part, RMST claims it only intends to take pictures of the entire wreck, including a portion of the interior where a crack has opened that could allow a remotely operated vehicle to penetrate without interfering with the existing structure. The company intends to recover the objects, including those inside the Marconi Room, where the radio that sent the emergency signal after the collision with the iceberg is located. The company is not seeking new authorization for the operation, arguing that redemption rights were granted nearly 30 years ago.

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