Jean Dujardin Let's Go Against Kaiser's 'vomit': 'I don't fit in this game'

He is an actor who has no tongue in his pocket. Jean Dujardin, 49, has been one of our most popular actors for many years. Very soon to be awaited OSS 117: Red Alert in Black AfricaTogether with Pierre Nene, Natalie Pechalat’s husband gave an interview to the newspaper the point In which he talked about his successful career and returned in particular to an amazing episode in the world of French culture.

As a reminder, during the Cesar 2020 gala, the Academy nominated Jean Dujardin for his role in the film. J’accuse, which goes back to the Dreyfus case. That’s good news so far, except that the director of the feature film, Roman Polanski, has been in the eye of the storm for a few years. Accused of raping a minor in the 1970s, several women accuse the Polish director of the same facts. Controversy erupts during Caesar and actress Adèle Haenel as she leaves the room when her film receives an award.

There is no room for nuance anymore, I just don’t get along with this game

A case in which the great friend of George Clooney returned on rather harsh terms. It was ‘encephalitis’. As we can do in France… Because we can not love each otherHe objects to media trials that sometimes severely condemn some people. “There is no longer room for nuancesI don’t agree with this game.He adds that he is clearly disturbed by the treatment of Roman Polanski, whose presence as a member of Caesar’s Academy has led to a long controversy.

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at J’accuseJean Dujardin shared the poster privately with Louis Garrel and once again reiterates his reasons for accepting this undeniable film. “The matter matters to me, yes I find it important to do, I stayed straight in my movie, and yes, we were right to do that”, he insists.

I see a lot of loneliness behind these keyboards. I see a lot of bitterness and bitterness

The film, which was condemned by people in commerce, as well as by Internet users, caused many controversies on social networks, a world that Jean Dujardin finds difficult to understand. “I don’t know who he is, social media. How many people… I can’t quantify. (…) I, don’t worry, because I see a lot of loneliness behind these consoles. I see a lot of bitterness and bitterness.”The actor is fired.

Strong stand for ex Alexandra Lamy, who is shown once again to be a character actor and that he retains some bitterness against the Caesars.


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