Stefan Plaza as a couple?  The host makes rare revelations about his love life

Guest for 50 Minutes Inside This Saturday, January 1, Stéphane Plaza made a rare confidence in his private life. The host who doesn’t like to bring up this topic is in love?

Stephen Plaza doesn’t really like to talk about it. Mischievous host with easy communication, the real estate agent is actually a shy guy. Its shell is hard to penetrate. guest on a group of 50 minutes indoors On Saturday, January 1, for the first photo of the year on the show, he made very rare confidence about his privacy. and in particular in connection with his relation to Unity, when he was again elected as the preferred host of the French by Sunday newspaper Several days ago. “Being on top is fine. But that puts you in doubt. And then you can also put distance, I think, with the people who watch you or even work with you.”, Stéphane Plaza captivated Nikos Aliagas, who regrets that some no longer dare to ask him simple questions, such as “How are you” for fear of disturbing him.

“I, I need warmth. (…) It’s mentally complicated”Follow the most famous real estate agent in France on the TF1 antenna. And in everyday life, does Stephen Plaza support someone with whom he shares his life? Discreet man, host Looking for an apartment or house He didn’t want to reveal whether he was in an affair or not. “I am happy”, he simply answered Nikos Aliagas who asked him if someone had a beating in his heart. About love in general was more gossip. “I still believe in human beings, I still believe in happiness. I learned that it is very good to be loved. I think it is better to be loved by one person.Stephen Plaza added. (…) It is stronger when you have someone who can do anything for you, or vice versa. “

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Stephen Plaza: Why doesn’t he like to talk about his private life

Even as a couple or single? A few weeks ago, he restored confidence about his emotional state. “I don’t have any special bonds here anymore. And then, you know, celebrities cause some loneliness. Before I hate it, I need it today. We’re not far from being alone when we’re known.”, explain to expensive. But again, no doubt he says more. Her private life, the real estate agent wants her to remain that way at all costs. “Every time I talked about my love life and tried to be honest, it was a disaster. As soon as I announce something about it, they either follow me on the street or believe me with the wrong people and that screws me up there. Regrets with Télé +. Decides: I won’t talk about it anymore! “ He has kept his word.

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