Data protection: Amazon fined 746 million euros in Luxembourg

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New York (AFP)

Amazon announced on Friday that Luxembourg has been fined 74 746 million for failing to comply with European regulations on the personal data of Internet users.

The Luxembourg Data Protection Commission (CNPD) said in a statement issued by Amazon on Friday that “Amazon’s data processing does not comply with EU data protection regulations”.

The panel stated in the document that this belief was “unsubstantiated” and stated that it would like to “appeal” in a separate statement.

“There was no data leak and no customer data was disclosed to any third party,” the panel said.

Amazon has already fined CNL, the French equivalent of CNPT, 35 million euros by the end of 2020 for failing to comply with the law on cookies and ad tracers.

Google fined 100 100 million.

Kafam is constantly criticized for the way they use their users’ personal data.

Brussels sought to bring order by imposing its Public Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, which established itself as a global standard.

Businesses must obtain approval from citizens when requesting their personal data, inform them of its use and allow data to be deleted. Violations can result in severe fines.

Under the new European regulations on digital services, sites can no longer use data collected by multiple services to target users against their will. They need access to the data they generate for client organizations.

Outside of Europe, US justice was fined $ 5 billion on Facebook in 2020 for failing to protect personal data.

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