Unwanted calls, you can easily block even from a landline: simplified procedure

Unwanted calls from a smartphone and also from a landline can be blocked with a very simple procedure.

In years The situation worsenedFirst the many calls from call centers, then unknown numbers, then blocking from smartphones and also various new activities to circumvent these walls. The problem always remains the same, which is the difficulty of having to manage incoming calls of this type.

Block unwanted calls (etruriaoggi.it)

Everyone knows this It is possible to skim from a smartphonethanks to third-party applications but also thanks to integrated systems that make everything very easy, but few know how to do it directly from a landline.

How to block unwanted calls from landlines

The procedure for arranging the block It is very easy and requires very few steps But it solves a big problem that always affects everyone when it comes to telephony. The problem is that these calls can become a nightmare, thus recurring over time but also very annoying, so that contracts are activated suddenly and without real consent.

How to block unwanted calls from landlines (etruriaoggi.it)

So when they say you have to be careful This is exactly what we are referring to. The problem is not only the inconvenience of receiving a phone call of this kind, but also what can happen next with significant economic damage. The simplest system at the moment to refer to is The new record of the opposition Which allows you to block both SPAM and commercial calls.

A system required by law called RPO with Blocked numbers directly. However, in this case, we do not work on calls originating from call centers, but rather block the home number, and therefore the number of the person calling, making the contact disappear from the vendors list of possible calls. This is the first step because it is a formal rejection that declares that you no longer wish to have communications of this kind.

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Another element to help is the use of systems Recognize numbers directly on the screen, in order to immediately understand the caller and thus avoid answering. The same can also be done online through sites like Tellows and Chistacallando that provide details to find out who is who and thus understand how to proceed as well.

You can choose to adopt a Modem router against call blockingin this case it is necessary especially for VoIP with automatic filtering that can be used at any time.


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