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Rally – Tuesday 5/31/2022 7:32 AM

The New York Rangers defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 6-2 in the decisive seventh game of the Best of Seven series as they are in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Rangers were already 3-2 behind in this series before winning their last two games. In the decider in North Carolina, the New Yorkers take the lead early on.

Adam Fox (4th/PP) and Chris Kreider (8th/PP) give the guests a 2-0 lead, while Carolina does not enter the game. In the second half, Rangers made the score 3-0 through Ryan Strom (37 minutes), and shortly after the start of the last half, the New York team fell 4-0 thanks to Kreder’s second goal (44).

The hosts’ rebellion was stifled after Vincent Trochek’s goal (49) to make it 4-1 again in the same minute through 5-1 to Philippe Chettel. In the 57th minute, Max Dome reduced the difference to 2: 5 from the perspective of the hosts before Andrew Kopp (58) made the score 6: 2.

With that, Rangers caused Hurricane to lose their first home game in the current playoff and move to the Eastern Conference Finals. There awaits the Tampa Bay Lightning, which in turn was able to eliminate the Florida Panthers with a 4-0 sweep.

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