Mexico August 25. There are those who consider that self-driving is still far from becoming a reality and that it is part of the future of science fiction. NS Rodrigo Madaraga BarilladoThis is the underlying trend in the following years, due to the speed with which technology advances.

According to the specialist, developments in brands such as TeslaAnd stronghold NS BMW It indicates a sense of the need to deal with it with caution. Mainly because different stages are needed to include this kind of Vehicles in an urban environment.

NS Madariaga, It is necessary that the driver Delegating vehicle control to the virtual assistant, or for Artificial intelligence From the car, so that it is Crew members become passengers.

What is currently being done? “Two levels are identical with assisted driving and partially automatic driving.” NS Madariaga There is 5 driving levels inside of urban mobility, where the level of technical demand refers to environmental factors.

Advantages of self-driving

Therefore, it is currently necessary to take into account some aspects Take advantage of mobility urban, as well traffic, environmental impact, and even displacement of people with disabilities, who is wanted Innovation and expertise and tests to standardize effective and safe products.

Each city must implement the accreditation of self-driving vehicles, based on Infrastructure modifications, appropriate legislative framework, and beta testing for its full implementation.

that require additional impetus for the development of innovation and Technological and transparent promotion as well as approval of vehicle validity By companies, as well as insurance that covers civil liability in the event of accidents.

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