La israelí Linoy Ashram gana el oro y rompe el dominio ruso en la gimnasia rítmica

Israeli Linoy Ashram Overturning the established order in rhythmic gymnastics, a sport in which Russia has won every Olympic gold since then Sydney 2000and was declared the singles champion by two undisputed nominees, the twins Dina and Arina Averina.

bifid, on the podium in the last three World Championships, added 107.800 points in the Olympic final, with 107.650 from Dina and 102.700 from Belarusian Alina Harnasco, who knocked Arena (102,100) off the podium after a fatal error in the bar.

Dina She is a three-time world champion and her sister Arena is the current runner-up.

bifid He was the best with the hoop and with the clubs and Dina got the highest score with the ball; In the absence of the last rotation with the tape, the Israeli got 84,500 points, 83,650 points for us and 82,550 points for Arena.

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He said this goodbye to gold when the tape got tangled up and had to take refuge in the reserve. His score did not exceed 19550: Farewell not only to victory but to the podium.

bifid did not fail and Dina The competition closed with a commitment to get 24151 to be champion. His note, which the judges thought for several minutes, remained at only 24 points. Russia abdicate.

Linoy AshramThe prodigy engineer is 23 years old, she was the European champion in 2020, and in the last three World Cups she was 3rd, 2nd and 3rd, the Russians always beat her. The day ended five consecutive Olympic titles for Russia and awarded Israel its first medal and gold in rhythmic gymnastics.

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work for him Israeli army As Secretary since 2017.

The change of course in tempo could be confirmed this Sunday if the Russian national team, as happened in the qualifying round, trailed the Bulgarian and also lost the gold medal.


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